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We are dedicated to making sure you are getting the best lobsters, the best oysters, the best clams, and all other shellfish.

Hardshell Lobster

Canada Wild

Handpicked by our buyer, guaranteed highest quality lobsters in the world.

Duxbury Oysters

For all brine lovers! Full flavor and guarenteed a great oyster experience for first-timers. Make these your first!

Our unique geography made for delicious oysters. These are one of our favorites!


Call and check for in-store availability. Pemaquid, Duxbury, and Chappy Oysters available regularly.

Pemaquid - Maine

Viking Point - Orleans, MA

Chappy - Martha's Vineyard, MA

Welfleet - Welfleet, MA

Spindrift - Westport, MA

Plymouth Bay Gems - Plymouth, MA

Duxbury - Duxbury, MA

Copp Island - Connecticut

Chief Sagamore - MA

King Caesar - Duxbury, MA

Ugly Ducklings - Duxbury, MA

Shooting Point - Hog Island, Virginia

Westport River Select - Wesport, MA

Sweet Grass Malpeques

Wayne's World Gems

Jonah Crabs

All of our crabs are hand-picked. We pay a premium to be able to do so and I make sure the crabs are heavy and have all their legs. We know in advance when new crabs are coming in so our customers are getting the best crabs. 


Our Steamers come from Maine and are always the darker shells. These steamers will hold better and have less sand in them.

Maine cherrystone

Great for grilling, chowder and steaming. 

714 Crescent Street, Brockton, MA 02302
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